? Requirements


Register for Road Safety Auditor accreditation (all applicants to satisfy items a. and b. below)

  1. a copy of a certificate from a recognised road safety audit training course, of at least two days duration (i.e. equivalent to that covered by VicRoads Road Safety Engineering Workshop days four and five)
  2. a brief breakdown of relevant experience, with a focus on road safety engineering, road design, traffic management or road user behaviour experience.

Register for Senior Road Safety Auditor accreditation (applicant must also satisfy items c. and d. below)

  1. at least five years experience in a relevant road design, road construction or traffic engineering field (this is a minimum and team leaders for audits of more complicated projects should have significantly more experience)
  2. at least five formal road safety audits undertaken under guidance of a Senior Road Safety Auditor, including at least three at design stages.

Note: in order for Senior Road Safety Auditors to retain their status, they must keep their professional experience current by undertaking at least one audit per year

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