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You have selected to access to the VicRoads Road Safety Auditor Management System and are required to read and agree to the following Agreement.
VicRoads accredits individual Road Safety Auditors and Senior Road Safety Auditors to meet VicRoads’ own requirements.
Accreditation of an individual by VicRoads as a Road Safety Auditor or a Senior Road Safety Auditor does not accredit the company with which the individual may be associated. Accreditation of an individual by VicRoads is not a representation that the accredited individual can perform satisfactorily on your work, or that the accredited individual always performs satisfactorily to VicRoads’ standards and requirements and does not assume a duty of care to you. VicRoads has no responsibility to inform you of any matter coming to VicRoads’ notice which may affect an individual’s accreditation in any way.
If you choose to use the VicRoads Road Safety Auditor Accreditation Register you do so strictly at your own risk and you indemnify VicRoads for any loss or damage you may incur as a result of the performance or otherwise of a VicRoads accredited road safety auditor or senior road safety auditor.
By accessing the VicRoads Road Safety Auditor Register you acknowledge and agree to the above and to VicRoads’ Disclaimer.
Agree to continue
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